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Turf Special

Turf Special is a natural soil blend with VENM soil, added sand and certified compost suitable for use as a turf underlay.

  • Suitable for all lawn types including soft leaf buffalo kikuyu and couch.
  • Organic matter provides slow releasing organic nutrients and water holding capacity.
  • Ideal for domestic or commercial use.
  • Turf Special can also be used as a budget top dressing for Kikuyu or Buffalo.


  • Buffalo
  • Soft Leaf Buffalo
  • Kikuyu
  • Couch and other Species

Care should be taken to remove existing vegetation, including weeds. If necessary, use glyphosate herbicide, following manufacturer’s instructions.
Apply a minimum of 50mm or depth required to get desired level.
Water well to ensure turf is laid on a moist surface.
Avoid compacting ground when installing underlay and turf.

When laying turf lay in a brick pattern so all of the joins are staggered. Lay flat to make sure all roots are in contact with soil. Do not overlap turf pieces.